5 Ways to Keep Leather Car Seats Clean

Leather car seats are quite valuable, especially if they are made of 100% genuine leather. Nothing can be more devastating to a car owner than to see their leather seats full of stains and completely worn. While old age may not be prevented, there are several ways to keep your leather car seats clean. Here are five of them.

  1. Condition your leather seats regularly. Just as how you frequently wash your car, your car seats also need periodic maintenance. You can choose to do these together or separate their schedules so you have more time to focus on each cleaning activity. Using Kevian Clean Leather Cleaner and a microfiber towel, condition your leather seats and keep them supple and glossy.
  2. Avoid placing drinks on your car seats. If you frequently eat and drink in the car, you can have a food tray installed so that it will be the one to catch all the moisture instead of your car seats. If you have passengers drinking inside the car, remind them to be very careful and avoid spilling.
  3. Don't park right under the sun. Heat can damage your car seats and dry out leather. This may cause it to chip off and become wrinkly or easy to peel. If you have no choice but to park outside in the heat, use a deflector to cover your windows and windshield. This will minimize the heat that enters your car.
  4. Always wipe off any dirt or grime at the end of the day. You can also do this before you drive in the morning. Make it a point to wipe your car seats so that the dust, dirt, and all kinds of debris will not get stuck on the surface. These can also stain or cause damage in the long run.
  5. Be careful when using cleaning materials. Leather is a sensitive material that can react to different chemicals. Make sure you only use cleaning products designed for leather, just like Kevian Clean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. Otherwise, your cleaning materials might cause more harm than good.

Leather car seats are a great aesthetic investment, but you also need to maintain its shape and appearance. Follow these tips and you can expect your car seats to last for many years.

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