How To Get Rid Of Dashboard Dust

Isn’t annoying to see that no matter how hard you try to clean the car dashboard, there would always be dust on it? Whether you drive around town with your windows up or down, nothing seems to be more prevalent inside the car than the dust in the dashboard area.

Where does all this dusts come from?

Dashboard dust is pretty much a combination of everything from the inside of the car to the outside. Roadway dirt, pollen particles, soot from the air and believe it or not, dead skin cells, are just a few of the components that make up the annoying dust on your dashboard. Did you know that your car dashboard is electro-statically charged? This practically means that it is a giant magnet on wheels that it has become essential for the dust to land there.

In truth, dashboard dust is like the dust found everywhere inside the car. It may not be visible to the naked eye, but the dust that you see on the dashboard is practically the same dust that is stuck between your car seat or the molding of your carpet or in between those car seat covers. You just can’t see it that’s why you think it is not there.

clean car dashboard

Is it possible to end your dust dashboard problem?

Yes it is. If you have your car cleaned by professionals at least once a week, you can expect less dust to settle on the dashboard. However, if you don’t have the budget to pay a professional cleaner, then it would be best to clean up the car yourself. With the use of the right car cleaning agents, you can get your car cleaner than you could imagine.

Just remember that the materials you use to clean your car dashboard is what will make the difference. Use synthetic dusters to avoid spreading the dust everywhere in the car interior. After all, like everything else, it will follow the law of gravity – what goes up must go down. You might end up with more dust than when you started cleaning.

KevianClean Interior Defense also helps keep the dust off the dashboard. It's especially formulated to protect your car's plastic and vinyl trimmings. Make sure you spray it on the microfiber cloth, though, and not directly on the dashboard to avoid unwanted discoloration.


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