How To Clean Muddy Tires

Tires can get really dirty, no matter what whether condition your drive your car into. Although it can be muddier when it rains, tires are nonetheless one of the dirtiest parts of the car. And yet every car owner wants to keep their car as clean as possible, even the tires. Can you get the mud off the tires? How do you go about it without sacrificing the quality of the tires? Here are a few tips on how to do it right.

Tip 1: First, you have to know what could be the cause of the mud on your tires. If it it’s the road that you take on every day, you may want to check with the auto repair shop if there is something you can do to change the type of tires you are using for your vehicle. Those might not me the right tires for the type of road that you tread every day.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to go down and get dirty. Your tires take all the battering every day to get you to places that you want. Have the same attitude for your tires. Although it can be fairly easy to get the tires cleaned up in the car wash center, nothing is better than your tender love and care for your tires when you wash it yourself.

Tip 3: Prepare all the materials that you need before you get started with the cleaning. You don’t want to make a mess going in and out of the garage just to get something you forgot. You will need heavy duty Kevian Clean Wheel Cleaning Brush, Kevian Clean Car Wash Shampoo and a hose connected to a water source to wash the mud off the driveway.

Tip 4: Brush the tires thoroughly. The mud can be very sticky, thus it can be very hard to brush off. But if you exert a bit more effort, you will be able to brush the mud off and get the tires clean and ready for another day on the road. Brush going to one direction only. Make sure to apply a generous amount of the car wash shampoo.

Tip 5: Apply a wheel cleaner for maximum protection. After removing the mud, restore the natural shine of your rims by applying Kevian Clean Wheel Cleaner. Our formula is made to protect the wheel rims from extreme weathering and possible corrosion.

Muddy tires may be inevitable but cleaning them is a responsibility every car owner should shoulder. Make sure your wheels and rims are always looking new and shiny by cleaning them regularly. It will be harder to remove the mud when you let it sit and dry for weeks!

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