Proper Posture While Driving

Most drivers pay little to no attention to their posture, especially when driving. For many, as long as they feel comfortable and they can see the road, that’s it. However, like biking or brushing one’s teeth, the act of driving becomes so automatic that we push aside anything that speaks of proper posture and technique. Seriously, when was the last time you actually considered the function of your neck and how it coordinates with your hands while you are driving?

You must have been taught the proper driving posture in driving school years ago. But as time passed by, you have developed your idea of a good posture. Some of it you may have seen in the movies and you think were cool.

Then there are others that your friends may have suggested to make you seem like a nice guy behind the wheels. So before you think about what’s cool and what’s not, here are a few things you must remember about proper posture while driving.

Tip 1: The perfect driving position allows you to get a full view of where you are going, who’s driving beside and behind you and everything else within eye level. While driving, you must have control of the steering wheel to ensure that you prevent all types of road accidents that you may possibly encounter. When you have a good vision of what’s at the back and what’s ahead, you can be the defensive driver that you should be.

Tip 2: The angle of your car seat should be adjusted based on your height. It is important that you always look into this to ensure that your back does not hurt even after hours spent on the road driving. Taking this for granted will surely make you cry because of back pain.

Tip 3: Your body type should be carefully considered too. If you can't fit in the car seat, there might be some adjustments that need to be done.

Perhaps now is the best time to rethink about your driving posture again. The way you sit, shift and steer the wheel while seated in your car seat affects the way you drive. How do you feel about driving? Did you know that your feelings toward the act of driving also affect the way you actually drive and the risks that you may encounter in the process?

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