How to Extend the Lifespan of your Tires

how to extend the lifespan of your tires

Once your car tire ages, the rubber will stretch out and you will eventually see cracks. Since you are driving your car daily, these cracks will develop over time. It can appear in both the interior and exterior part of your tires.

Once this happens, it can cause your steel belts to detach from the tire. Aside from aging, heat can also contribute to this factor.

Some tires are produced with chemical substances in the rubber that help slow down the aging of your tires. However, it is inevitable. At some point, you will need to replace your tires.

How Long will your Tires Last?

Some car manufacturers require tire replacement after 6 years while some tire manufacturers claim that their rubbers can last up to 10 years. The lifespan of your car tires depends on how you use it. Here are some factors to determine how long your tires will last.

  • Storage

This is applicable to your extra or spare tires. Some spare tires are built under the vehicle which is constantly exposed to dirt and other road elements. Others are locked inside the trunk which never gets any air or daylight.

If your spare tire is inflated and is mounted in your vehicle, it’s lifespan is technically running even if you’re not actually using it. Now if it’s just sitting in your garage, it will last you longer. However, it will still age nonetheless. 

  • Heat
Tires are easily worn out especially if it’s in a warm climate. Consistent exposure to the sun and other environmental factors can speed up the aging process.
  • Usage

This is determined by how you properly maintain and use your tires. Are your tires correctly inflated? Some vehicles have lower tire pressures. Make sure that you are properly inflating your tires.

If your tires are often used in off-road driving, then expect it to wear down more quickly than the standard or expected lifespan. The harsh road environments will make your tires more prone to wear and tear.

How often you use your vehicle significantly affects the condition of your tires. If you drive your car daily to work, then it will thin out quickly compared to vehicles that are only driven during weekends.

Since you cannot retract the aging process of your tires, the best thing you can do is to properly maintain them. Always check the air pressure, rotate your tires regularly, have it checked by a professional and use the KevianClean Wheel Cleaner to keep your tires clean and shiny.

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