How to Pick the Right Set of Tires

When it comes to driving, choosing the right set of tires for your car can provide a safer ride for you and your passenger. When you are buying a new pair, the first thing the dealer usually asks is “What type of tire do you need?” Your answer will be based on the type of vehicle you have and the driving conditions you go through on a daily basis.

Here are some factors you need to check and identify before buying a new set of tires.

  • Driving Conditions

Analyze the environment where you regularly drive your car. Do you use the highway or do you go through rough roads? Off-road tires are specifically built for vehicles that are always, if not most of the time, off the road.

These tires have stronger sidewalls compared to an all-season tire. They are specifically produced to be able to withstand and resist punctures from trails or rough roads. Off-road tires are easier to clean and remove mud because of the wide spacing in the thread.  

  • Weather and Environment

Is the weather condition dry or is does it often rain or snow? Most car tires are designed for all seasons. However, there are special tires designed to perform in wet, icy, and snowy surfaces.

Winter tires are built and tested to handle traction under specific conditions. You can also use this kind of tires during hot and dry season. It is always recommended that you consider the worst possible condition to make sure it is worth your investment.

  • Type of vehicle

If you own a sports car, you should purchase high-performance tires with good handling and performance. This is important especially when you are driving at high speeds. For SUVs or pick-ups, make sure you get a durable set with good traction for your off-road adventures.

On the other hand, if you own a regular sedan and drive it around the city most of the time, make sure you get a dependable set of tires that can also provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride. Make sure it has good traction and handling.

Whatever type or brand of tires you decide to buy, make sure that it fits your requirements. It is a wise decision to base your choice on the worst possible scenario or condition so that you are prepared. Keep your new set of tires clean, protected, and well-maintained by using the KevianClean Wheel Cleaner.

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