How to Choose the Best Car Interior Cleaner

When buying a product to clean the interior of your car, you should find one that efficiently does it without doing damage to the materials your dashboard, seats, door panels, doorjamb, and the rest of your car upholstery is made of. As a rule of thumb, read customer reviews on different cleaners to figure out which ones will work out best for your specific make and model of car.

What to Expect

Here are the things to expect when shopping for interior cleaners.

  • Cleans and Conditions: You want natural-looking dashboards without an oily shine. Your cleaner shouldn't leave a greasy residue that some cleaners for vinyl and dashboard that can make your car's insides (and your hands) oily.
  • Maximum Ultraviolet Ray Protection: Your dashboard and leather seat cleaner should offer you maximum UV protection. It should have Carnauba in order to prevent premature cracking, drying, and aging on your seats and dash.
  • Not Just for Dashboards: The best cleaners can be used all over your vehicle's upholstery, specifically your plastic parts, trim, and interior vinyl. The UV protector should also work on your car's bumper too without necessarily being outright car wax or car cleaner.

What Not to Expect

Here are the things you shouldn't expect from an interior car cleaner.

  • Avoid Dryness or Damage: The cleaning product you've elected to use to clean your car should no cause damage or dryness to your plastic, vinyl, or dash. Some chemicals are so strong that they defeat the purpose of maintenance by damaging your car.
  • No Oiliness: Some products depend mostly on oils to polish your interior including your vinyl spa covers, plastic areas, and leather upholstery covering your vehicle's seats and interior. You should go with products that have less oil residue left.
  • No Toxic Chemicals: Toxic chemicals from stronger cleaners can harm you, the environment, and the interior they're supposed to clean and protect. Instead, you should find a product that's environment-friendly and nontoxic to yourself and your loved ones.

Why the Need for Environment-Friendliness?

Your product should be bio-based or have ingredients that are all-natural instead of synthesized or man-made, just like KevianClean Interior Defense. You already have enough to worry about with the toxic fumes of new car smell or the carbon dioxide released by your exhaust that could very well end up in your interior if it malfunctions.

No need to add to your worries by having a similarly toxic cleaner smell and residue left over your car itself, leaving your head spinning. Your cleaners should be sweet smelling (like lavender) without being overpowering. Your head and sinuses will thank you for getting a bio-based, environment-friendly product.

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