Got Stains on Your Leather Car Seats? Here's How to Remove Them!

How important is it to keep your car interior clean? Most people think that they should keep their car exterior clean, because that is what other people will see. It is true though that if your car exterior is clean, you will be keeping a very good image to other car enthusiasts like yourself.

However, if you truly love your car like you say, it is best to work on keeping the car interior as clean as possible too. And what a better way to keep it clean that to keep those leather seats looking like brand new condition all the time.

You inhabit the interior of your car every time you drive; thus keeping it clean is good for your health and it will give you peace of mind as well. Luckily, keeping the leather seats clean is quite easy, especially when you have the right cleaning products to use.

  • Always remember to clean your leather seats regularly using KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. Our formula will help keep your leather soft, supple, and smooth. It will prevent cracking and chipping, and also provide a protective coating.
  • You can treat the stubborn stains on the leather seats using the leather conditioner. This will allow the stain to soften so that it will be easier to rub off. Allow it to sit for about thirty minutes and rub it in using a microfiber towel. Some stains are harder to remove, especially old ones that have been absorbed by the material. Our leather cleaner can still lighten it, but not remove it completely.
  • Remove ink stains using alcohol, hair spray and a little bit of water. Carefully spray the area where the stain is and gently blot it with a clean damp cloth. Do not rub as it will only worsen the stain and spread it on the other parts of the car seat. Letting the water or alcohol run on the car seat is not going to help too.
  • Watered down paint thinner can help you get oil and grease stains off the car seats. Put half a cup of paint thinner and pour the same amount of water in. dip a clean cloth in the cup and start rubbing the stained area. Then, sprinkle with salt and let it stay overnight. The salt will magically absorb the oil and grease and get it off you leather seat. Be very careful when using paint thinner because it can discolor the material.

To ensure long-term cleanliness of your leather car seats, make it a habit to spot the stains and repeat the cycle. Remember, keeping the car interior clean is as important as keeping its exterior clean.

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