Headlight Cleaning: How Do You Make Them Shine Like New?

How long have you been driving that car? If you can’t remember a time when you were not driving it, then perhaps it has been with you for quite some time. Sadly, over time, some parts of your favorite car with degrade from age and exposure to various weather conditions.

Headlights may be one of the most affected parts of the car. Since it is located at the exterior of the vehicle, it gets exposed to all types of factors that make it lose its shine. But before you decide to give up on it, here are a few tips on how to clean the headlights and make them shine again like brand new.

Most headlight are made material called polycarbonate, a plastic that is durable and scratch resistant. But because of its exposure to the UV rays, the outer layer of the plastic is degraded. Luckily, there are a quite a number of products available in the market to bring back its former shine and luster.

What to prepare

With KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo and Microfiber Towel, wipe as much grime off the headlights as possible. After drying, make sure to put a tape around the area of the headlights to ensure that your headlight cleaner won’t get on the paint of the car that could cause damage to it. You may also opt to remove the headlights during the cleaning and just re-install it after.

Sand it!

To scuff away the haze in the outer layer, you may have to sand it using an ordinary sand paper. This is one of the most important steps, thus you have to be thorough. Follow a pattern to avoid unnecessary scratches. When you’re done, the headlights should be free from any form of dull yellowing on the surface.


A fine polish such as KevianClean Quick Wax should be able to clean up the scratches that the sanding made on the headlight cover. At the same time, it shall also make the headlight lenses clear like they were brand new.

Apply UV Sealant

A UV sealant will seal the deal. The sealant will protect the headlight cover from the UV rays that make it look dull. Choose the product that will hopefully extend its protection to ensure that the headlights are as good as new.

Can you make your headlights shine like new again without replacing them? These steps will help you make it happen.

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