Healthy Car Air Conditioning: How Do You Do It?


Summer is hear and so is the terrible heat that everyone dreads. It is that time of the year when all you want is to stay indoors to keep yourself protected from the heat. But if you can’t help but move around to do errands and other chores, then you must make sure that your car air conditioning system is in perfect shape. It is important that the air conditioning unit of your vehicle is clean not only for your comfort but also for your health.


Car Air Conditioning Cleaning


Regular car air conditioning maintenance will not only keep the unit clean and working efficiently at all times, but it ensures that it is able to provide the comfort that you need, especially during the summer. Contrary to what others think that air conditioning units simply produce cold air and blow it inside the car, the car aircon is also in-charge of removing all the hot air inside the car and dispelling it outside.


In order to be efficient in what it does, it relies on several of its components to operate well. The evaporator, condenser and the compressor are all mechanical parts that make the car air conditioning unit work. And because these items can be prone to wear and tear, it is important to submit it to regular car maintenance checks to avoid them from breaking down.


How do you keep the car air conditioner working?

  • It helps to run the unit for a few minutes before taking it out on the road. The heat may be unimaginable, but allowing the air con to relax for a few minutes before you take it out on the road will help ensure that its valves, pumps and hoses are working effectively.

  • When you go for regular car maintenance repair, it is best to ask the mechanic to check on the car air conditioning refrigerant. If its needs refueling, then it should be done. Since the air conditioning unit is not part of the standard check-ups that most mechanics do, it can easily get neglected.

  • It would be good practice if you have your air conditioner checked at least once every year. If you can do this before the hotter months come in, it would be better to ensure that you don’t get exposed to sudden unbearable heat that could make you sick.

How do you keep your car air conditioning unit from breaking down? Keep it clean and it will do the rest.


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