Finding a Shop Apron for the Mechanic in You

A shop apron is a mechanic's apron that protects your clothes from getting greased up. It works like a butcher's apron when it comes to blood but is better than a kitchen apron that's usually made of cloth and is mainly there to catch spills from foodstuff.

The shop apron should also be tough enough to deal with chemical spillovers that could ruin your wardrobe normally. The can be made of denim or leather depending on how dispensable they are. Regardless, the fabrics they're made of don't usually tear or break easily.

Looking for the Perfect Shop Apron

  • Summer Work Apron: You can scope out and scoop up a summer work apron for about $50 that's made of lightweight chambray. This allows you to do outdoor mechanic projects in the sun. The main appeal of this apron is that it doesn't feel heavy or suffocating to wear outdoors when compared to a leather butcher's apron, for example.
  • Gentleman's Apron: You can also get your hands on a gentleman's apron. What makes this apron gentlemanly? It's kind of like formalwear. No, it doesn't come with a tie but it's well-made, tailored and comes with a durable waxed canvas look. It's functional yet classy in design. It's filled with pockets galore like a jacket, thick leather accents like some sort of clothing apparel, and it's available for the handsome price of $120.
  • Waxed Canvas Shop Apron: This is yet another waxed canvas shop apron that isn't as formal as a gentleman's apron so you can buy it for only $90. It's more of a workshop type of apron that focuses on function more than design. It can also double as an apron for butchers and blacksmiths as well as mechanics. It's old-timey but also has a modern twist of having better, tear-resistant fabric material than the aprons of yore.
  • Heavy Duck Canvas Apron: If you're dealing with heavy-duty mechanic work that deals with getting greasy and grimy all over, then this affordable $58 apron is for you. It's also a high-quality outdoor lifestyle gear as the cheaper summer work apron, but it focuses more on being thick, functional, and durable. The obvious downside is its heaviness but it's not so weighty that you can't move around anymore.
  • Prep Apron: It comes at an expensive $118 but it's made out of recycled materials. So why is it only $2 cheaper than the gentleman's apron? It's not a case of form over function. It's very functional but simple. It doesn't overcomplicate its use of pockets and whatnot to look good so what you're really paying for here is straightforward practicality and perhaps high demand judging by its discount-free price. Its genius comes from its simplicity and its lightweight practicality. It's also scratch-proof and can withstand many a snag on a sharp metal part.

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