Shopping for the Right Hand Cleaner

A hand cleaner used for automotive purposes refers to those that are a little stronger than your average hand sanitizer gel or liquid. This product typically contains a degreaser chemical or liquid as well as a pumice soap that removes dirt, gunk, and (of course) grease from your hands after working hard on your car from under its hood.

It's a mechanic's hand cleaner, to be more specific. Most mechanics are fine with loads of rags and a detergent bar in order to get rid of grease from their hands, but by buying a hand cleaner they can end up cleaning the oil and grease off of their hands in a more efficient manner.

What to Look for in a Mechanic's Hand Cleaner

  • Purchase Some Pumice Lava Soap: You can't take off car grease with ordinary soap. Pumice lava soap can because of its pumice surface. It removes dirt and grime like a charm and it's been doing so since 1893. It's tough on dirt yet easy on your hands. It can also remove paint, adhesives, and caulk as well as anything sticky that can end up in your hands. It's been around for two centuries for a reason!
  • Buy a Gallon or Bottle of Hand Cleaning Degreaser: The main claim to fame of liquid degreasers and hand cleaners is that they're more cost-effective for hard-working mechanics because a small amount can go a long way. Like your dishwashing liquid. It's foaming, it catches the grease real good, and when combined with water it works seemingly like magic. The most stubborn of stains will go away.
  • Get a Biodegradable Product that's Safe for the Environment: The ecologically minded motorist should invest in biodegradable, waterless, and solvent-free hand cleaners that contain no harsh chemicals like ammonia and mineral oils as well as bleach. This is so that you can avoid causing skin abrasions all over your hands or ruining the surrounding environment with the residue from such products. Use pumice lotions that are citrus-scented instead.
  • Foam Is the Best Way to Go with Hand Sanitizers: Hand sanitizers should also be availed of in industrial-grade hand sanitizer gel form that's superior to your alcohol gel hand sanitizers. These ones have degreasers included with them. You should be able to get rid of the thickest and heaviest of grease and dirt stains with a single session of washing from these extra-strength sanitizers.
  • Waterless Hand Cleaners Also Exist: It's quite beneficial to avail of the waterless hand cleaner. This is because it can clean you off of grease, debris, and dirt by itself without water. You don't have to run to the nearest rest stop or faucet in order to start cleaning. You only need rags and the cleaner itself. Such products are based on the d-Limonene product to ensure the freshness and cleanliness of your hands, thus guaranteeing they're grease-free.

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