Steering Wheel Lock Shopping Guide

Did you know you can safeguard your car from carjacking by buying a steering wheel lock? This clamp is something that can be inserted unto the steering wheel when you leave your car parked, which makes it difficult for thieves to jack your car, even when they hotwire it and everything due to lack of keys.

The anti-theft device serves as a deterrent for carjacking and works the same way as a clamp for your tire wheel, except this time it's on your steering wheel instead.

Things to Remember about Buying Steering Wheel Locks

  • The Multiple Designs You Could Choose From: You can choose multiple designs of steering wheel lock. Some appear like double-hooked crowbars. Others appear like a bent jack handle or an incomplete wheel jack. There are also those that sport the appearance of a baseball bat that you can wedge to your steering wheel to a locked position. There are also metallic umbrella designs or candy cane designs. They work the same way regardless. They keep the steering wheel from getting used.
  • Looks versus Performance: Some motorists want a steering wheel clamp that looks like it came with the car. Others want high visual deterrence. Like it's some sort of big padlock that's locking your steering wheel in. It's not quite like chaining your steering wheel shut, but it should get the job done in terms of keeping it away from unauthorized use. Some clamps look more intimidating but it's better if they're actually working rather than just be visually impressive. Why? Carjackers don't care. But the tougher it is the longer they'll need to crack it open, leading to a higher chance of catching them in the act.
  • Universal Fit and Heavy-Duty Construction: Your steering wheel should universally fit cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Diesel vehicles tend to have oversized steering wheels to reflect the size of the ride. Same reason why boats have huge steering wheels themselves. Meanwhile, your steering lock of choice follows size standards depending on the vehicle. It can be for sedans or trucks or vans. A good steering wheel clamp lock should have dual steel hooks and a hardened steel shaft that can resist exposure to cutting or Freon. That's what carjackers use to unlock these locks, for your information.
  • How to Differentiate One Lock from Another: There are many types of steering wheel clamp locks. You have your aircraft-grade aluminum locks, brass locks, and stainless steel locks. Each has their respective pros and cons. With steel it is rust and with aluminum it's less physical durability. Brass is a good balance between the two but it's inferior to both in terms of durability and rust protection. You can get extras for wheel locks like extra keys, Pagoda locks that are pick-proof, and vinyl coating over tempered steel. The lock should have a vise-like grip but shouldn't be so ill-fitting that it warps the steering wheel itself.

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