Don't Sell Your Car Unless You Do These 5 Steps

In the old days, whenever you want to sell your car, you can just write a “for sale” sign on a cardboard and stick it on your dashboard and wait for buyers to call you up. With today’s technology, there are a number of innovative tools available at the tip of your hands. If you want to get a good feedback on your second-hand car, here are some tips for sellers:

1. Clean your car inside and out. Invest in cleaning products such as the KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo. Wash your car thoroughly and bring it to a professional detailer. You can install an air freshener in your car to ensure that your car smells fresh and nice.

Don’t forget to empty out your trunk and vacuum your car seats and carpets. A dirty and unkempt car will ruin your chances of getting a sale. A clean and shiny car will help attract potential buyers and hopefully seal the deal. After all, first impressions last.

2. Don’t leave anything in your car. Take out all your personal belongings including old receipts. Make sure the only items you leave in your car include the manual, service book, maintenance records, and tools that came with your vehicle.

3. Assess your vehicle. Evaluate every angle and aspect of your car. Take note of all imperfections including scratches, marks, and other damaged parts. Identify all parts and areas that are in need of repair.

If possible, have them fixed before you put it out in the market. It can have a great effect on your buyer’s decision.

4. Check the value of your vehicle. Find out how much is the current value of a second-hand vehicle. You can check and compare the rates with other sellers. This allows you to post a competitive price in the market.

5. Recondition your car. Make sure your car is properly maintained and reconditioned. It doesn’t cost a fortune and it will help improve the condition of your vehicle.
When you are selling your car, it is wise to think and act like a buyer. List down all the possible things you want to know and find out about the status and condition of the vehicle you want to buy. Use it as a checklist.

Second-hand buyers are looking for cars that are in good condition. As long as you exert an effort to clean up and fine tune your car, then you’re one step closer to getting that sale.

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