Maintenance Mistakes Car Owners Often Make

Most car owners often don’t have the slightest clue on how to properly maintain their vehicle. They just bring their car to a professional car repair service with and let them do dirty work. Though there may be nothing wrong with it, car owners still have the responsibility of knowing how to take care of their car the right way.

Here are some of the mistakes you shouldn’t follow:

  1. Delaying your maintenance schedule - If you keep on pushing your maintenance schedule, you can expect to have a number of problems. The longer you avoid it, the bigger the chances you have of having minor problems turn into serious issues.
    Put your maintenance schedule on your reminder and pay attention to it. Some vehicles may require more maintenance than others depending on your vehicle’s condition and the climate that you are driving in.
  2. Not changing your oil - This will ruin your engine. Do not neglect this or otherwise, you may regret it as it will incur more expensive costs in the future. Your vehicle’s engine needs oil in order to operate. This also means that in order to function correctly, your oil shouldn’t be too old. Otherwise, it will break down and cause problems in your engine.
  3. Forgetting to change your air filters - Doing this task can save you money. It is easy to do and inexpensive too.
  4. Neglecting to check your tires - Always make it a point to check the pressures on your tires. You can schedule it once a month until you get the hang of it. This prevents your tires from blowing up and keeps you from getting into any accidents. For all you know, your tires may be low on pressure even if it looks as it is properly inflated.
  5. Ignoring your check engine light - If the warning lights on your dashboard are trying to get your attention, then do not ignore it. Some drivers don’t even give their dashboard enough attention. Make it a habit to be more observant.
  6. Not pulling up to stop when your car is overheating - If your car is already overheating, do not even attempt to ignore it. Once the engine starts to fail, you need to stop our car immediately. Pull over to the nearest and safest area and check the problem.
  7. Using a home glass cleaner to clean your windshield - Home glass containers often have ammonia in it. This substance will only cause damage to the heating system in your windshield. Instead, use the KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo to clean your windshield and windows.

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