Waxing Like the Experts: Here's How to Do It

Given their years of experience when it comes to restoring and maintaining cars, the true experts when it comes to waxing are undoubtedly the car detailers. It's quite commonplace for these experts to stumble upon various questions regarding the aesthetic maintenance of many a car.

Some of these professionals have gladly shared their knowledge with motorists, resulting in the following nuggets of wisdom that root from hands-on experience.

How to Keep Your Car in Mint Condition with Waxing

  • A Testimony of Excellence: It's possible to keep a caker in mint condition without keeping it "frozen" in "ice" within your garage. Even if you regularly use the vehicle to go from point A to point B, you can still keep its showroom shine by properly waxing it despite its daily travels. It's all about keeping a proper regimen before doing your waxing. As a rule of thumb, you should wash your car first, polish it second, and then seal in that freshness by waxing and buffing last.
  • Proper Regimen: Just as it's important to maintain proper hygiene so that you won't stink to high heaven and keep your skin from becoming callused and dry, you should also observe a proper regimen when it comes to waxing your car. You should first wash it carefully and get it nicely polished so that you'd have something worthwhile to wax. Your wax after all is just cellophane wrap to what should already be a polished car. You should also only use thin layers of wax instead of wastefully icing your car with it.
  • Wax Choices and Longevity: Your wax choice can also influence the look of your car. Adding wax to your car can add extra polish to its already polished surface and protect that same shininess at the same time. How long the wax lasts depends on the quality of the wax you're using. Protection from a single application can last from several weeks to several months. You want to use only the best waxes available, like KevianClean Quick Wax.
  • Be Aware of the Following Wax Types: In order to properly preserve your four-wheeled investment from the elements and the destructive effects of pollution, you should learn which types of wax are the best. There are paste waxes that make it easier to limit usage but they have issues when it comes to melting properly and not leaving residue. Spray-on waxes, on the other hand, have fewer issues with residue but have more issues with easily running out.
  • How Long Can Your Wax Last? During the dry season, you may have to frequently use your can of wax for about half a month to two months. It's during the wet season wherein you'll have to use waxes monthly, with the elements like rain or snow usually washing off your freshly applied wax within weeks to a month of application.


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