How to Choose the Best Cleaning Solutions

When looking for cleaners to clean your car out, you should look for those that are affordable, like all-purpose products that sell for $10 a quart. Or at the very least, they're as cost-effective as something like KevianClean Interior Defense. You can also search for spray-on cleaners that any motorist can easily use.

Spray-on cleaners only require you to spray it on the surface then brush it in with a brush that's medium stiff. Applying these sprays with elbow grease to get rid of problem areas and stains as well as mold is a given. With that said, don't inundate your car's carpet with cleaner.

Tips and Tricks Regarding Finding and Using the Best Cleaners

  • Proper Carpet Cleaning: Clean your carpet dry first before treating stains. If it's wet, dry it out then prepare it for washing. Use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or remove then wash by washing machine any carpets filled with stink or biological wastes like dog poop, children's vomit, or baby urine. A dusty carpet mostly requires extensive vacuuming and dust agitation through stiff brushes for hardened clumps of dirt. As a rule of thumb, clean the carpet dry if it's dusty and clean it wet if it's dirty.
  • Don't Get the Carpets Too Wet: A carpet that's too wet and isn't dried out properly and quickly will tend to end up with mildew or mold. A carpet is super-absorbent so you should proceed with caution when deluging it with soap water or cleaner. In short, don't deluge it with your cleaner of choice. Even if it's soap, the wetness can also result in mold creation. A saturated carpet should be dried out using a clean and absorbent towel. The idea here is to blot the carpet dry.
  • Cleaning Seats: Usually, unless you're doing some spring cleaning, there's no need to remove your seats in order to clean them. In regards to how to clean them, you should choose the right cleaner in accordance to what they're made of. Use vinyl cleaner for vinyl seats, leather cleaners and conditioners for leather seats, and so forth. Some seats include covers that you're supposed to wash as laundry with your washing machine.
  • Dealing with Stains: If there are stains in your leather, vinyl, plastic, or cloth interior, then you may require a specialized or industrial-strength cleaning product. You can get some cheap but not low-grade 32-ounce bottles of extra-strength stain cleaners that work wonders on your carpets and whatnot. If the carpet has chewing gum matted unto it, rub it with ice cubes then scrape off the brittle gum carefully.

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