Childproofing your Car

Creating a safe environment for your kids should always be on your top priorities. This also includes childproofing your vehicle so that you don’t have to worry for their safety every time you take them for a spin. Your car interior may accidentally cause an injury even without intention.

This is why it is your responsibility to inspect every nook and cranny inside your car. Here are some steps you can do to ensure that your car is safe for children to ride.

  • Install a child car seat.

Most states require car owners to mount car seats for babies and children. This keeps them safely secure in place, especially in the event of a collision.

Attach the seat in the back seat because it is the safest area for your child in case an accident occurs. Position the car seat in the middle to prevent your child from reaching and playing with the locks and window buttons.

Make sure the buckle of your child seat is securely locked. The chest strap should be laid flat across your child’s chest and fitted snugly. The base of the car seat should also be installed correctly. Otherwise, the seat may fly across the dashboard and cause your child more harm if not securely installed.

  • Activate your childproof locks.
This will prevent your kids from opening the door of your vehicle while you are driving. In case your vehicle doesn’t have an automatic locking mechanism, position your child in the middle seat away from the doors. Check with your manufacturer if it’s possible to install automatic locks.
  • Do not leave your car keys in the ignition.
Kids are naturally curious. They will observe and imitate what they see. Once they see and copy your actions they might accidentally start your vehicle. The scenario may be catastrophic. Don’t ever leave your keys inside your vehicle with your child.
  • Clean your car interior.

Use our KevianClean Interior Defense to wipe off all the dirt and bacteria from your car interior. This will ensure that your child’s health is safe and not exposed to any harmful toxins.

After using cleaning agents, keep them stored in a container and put it in the trunk. Don’t leave any chemicals and bottles in the back seat or underneath because your kids might mistake it for toys and play with it.

Following these steps can ensure your child’s safety and give you a peace of mind.

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