How to Assess your Tires

Before you take your car for a long drive, you should learn how to assess your wheels. Your car’s tires are crucial to the safety and performance of your vehicle, especially if you want to avoid any issues that can impede your driving.

Make sure you regularly check your tires at least once a month. Inspecting it before and after a long drive is also a good idea. Regular checking can prevent your tires from becoming further damaged. Once you see any issues even if it’s just a minor problem, have it repaired immediately.

Don’t drive around with busted or worn down tires. Driving with defective tires can cause potential accidents. Make sure you check your wheel balance and have it aligned. Inspect your tires and measure the amount of air pressure.

Here are other ways to assess your tires.

  1. Check the tread depth. While driving, your tires are often exposed to constant heat and pressure. If you’re using full tread tires, the rubber in your tires may start peeling off. A full tread tire builds up more heat since it is thicker. Checking your tire tread will help you manage your wheels better so that you’ll know when it’s time to buy a new one.
  1. Check the increase in your tire pressure. While you are driving, the friction increases and therefore the heat and pressure in your tires also rises. Make sure you log in the numbers every time you use your car for a long drive so you know the pace and flow of your tire pressure. You’ll be able to identify if you are driving on hot tires. Inspect your wheels after it has cooled down. Let it breathe overnight and conduct your assessment the next day when the tires are cold.
  1. Check for leaks. If you notice that you seem to keep losing air in your tires, ask your mechanic to assess it for leaks. In some cases, a leak can be caused by rims that are not fitted properly. If the leak still persists even after you’ve properly installed the rims, it can be due to a defective tire valve. You can just replace your old tire valves with new ones. Make sure it matches the number in the base of the tire valves. It is better to have a leak inspected in a gas station or a garage where your mechanic can easily replace the valves or fit your rims properly.

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