5 Ideas on How to Keep your Car Organized

Going on a road trip with your wife, children, and pet, requires thorough planning and organization. If you don’t want any accidents or spills on your car seats or carpet, we suggest you use the following ideas below.

  1. Use color-coded pouches

Declutter your personal things by using pouches. You can use different sizes to fit your items. Place your documents including your car insurance, owner’s manual, car registration, and other important papers in a separate envelope and seal it in a pouch to protect it from liquid spills.

Put your travel necessities like tissue or wipes and medicines in color-coded pouches to make it easier to identify. You can also put a label on each bag. This will help organize what’s in your compartment.

  1. Keep a plastic container

You can convert a plastic container into a small trash bin for your car. Make sure you put a plastic inside the sealed container so that it’s more hygienic and convenient to dispose of your garbage.

You or your kids may need to throw waste in the middle of the trip. This helps prevent the urge to toss your empty bag of chips or tissue outside the window. Keeping a garbage bin in your car shows your respect and responsibility to the environment. It also shows a good example to your children.

  1. Hang a shoe organizer

Attach a shoe organizer to the back of your driver or front passenger seat. Put all your kid’s immediate necessities to avoid rummaging through your bag every time your child is asking for something.

Insert their toys, snacks, drinks, toiletries, and other important items. This will keep things organized instead of cluttering the backseat with your children’s stuff.

  1. Use plastic containers to store food

Keep your food organized in a plastic container. Another great idea is to use a plastic tray divided by small slots. Instead of handing a bag of cookies or chocolate, you can prepare your kid’s food allocation by putting it in a plastic container.

This way, you can manage the proportion of their snacks to avoid overeating. You can pack some healthy snacks like fruits and place them beside the biscuits. Your kids may not even notice at first how you’ve mixed their snack menu.

  1. Organize your cleaning tools

It’s always better to be prepared with the proper cleaning tools when traveling with your kids. Keep all your solutions and tools in a box and place it in your trunk.

Make sure you bring along our KevianClean Interior Defense to keep your car interior clean and protected from stains.

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