Is Your Car Happy? 4 Lines It May Tell You (If It Could Talk)

Kevian Clean Happy CarIt may seem like a very weird question, but is your car happy? We always think about our happiness, because of course we are living people and we all deserve to be happy.

But what if your car was a living thing? What if it could talk to you? What do you think your car will tell you if that's the case?

Here are some predictions on what an unhappy car would tell its owner:

"Hey, maybe it's time to give me a bath!"

Exterior dirt doesn't technically affect your car's performance, but it can make it look unkempt and untidy. Who wants to have a dirty car, anyway? You don't need to give your car a deep clean all the time, but a simple wash or even a quick waxing session using KevianClean Quick Wax will work wonders in maintaining your car's appearance.

"My wheels are grimy... Give me a pedicure!"

Wheels are like cars' feet, and cleaning it is like giving your car a pedicure in some way. Our Wheel Cleaner works great in removing the dust and dirt on your shiny wheels. You should also check your tires, especially if you tread along the mud.

"I don't feel good inside... I think I need a detox!"

What's worse than a dirty car exterior? A dirty interior! Your car needs a detox regularly, just like the human body. Remove the clutter in your car, keep an organized trash bin that will hold any trash inside, and clean your interiors regularly using Interior Defense.

"Cough, cough, I feel sick! Please take me to a doctor..."

The worst case scenario is when your engine has a problem. It may show symptoms like unusual sounds when you're driving, sudden fluctuations in your car performance, and even abrupt engine failures. In these situations, you have to bring your car to a mechanic who will be able to determine the root of the problem and solve it immediately.

Although a car is not a living thing, it's definitely something that helps us in many ways. It makes transportation much easier and it's also a good investment. It's time to give your car more attention and love that it deserves!

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