4 Ways to Make Your Leather Seats Look New

leather seats look newAre your leather seats looking worn and old? It's natural for them to deteriorate over the years, but they can get older faster if you don't take good care of them.

If you're wondering how you can make your leather seats look like new again, here are some things you can follow.

1. Avoid eating in the car.

Eating inside your car is the number one culprit of damage, whether it's on the car seats, carpet, dashboard, and any other surface where food and beverages can drop and spill. Firstly, food attracts bacteria, and when bacteria are present, there's a higher chance of decay or damage. Second, moisture from beverages can attract molds and other microorganisms which thrive in moist places. The smell will also become unpleasant over time.

2. Don't rub the surface, especially if there's a stain.

When your car seat gets a stain, do you use a piece of napkin to rub it off? Don't do this! This will damage your car seat surface and make it prone to cracking, chipping, and peeling off. Instead, use a moist towel to remove the stain gently, or better yet, use a leather conditioner. If the stain doesn't go away instantly, it may take multiple tries.

3. Always condition it with KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.

Our special Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is specifically formulated to clean leather materials and maintain their natural moisture, suppleness, and strength. Using our formula will not just make your car seats squeaky clean and smooth, but it will also help keep dirt and dust from accumulating on the surface.

4. Wipe away dirt and dust on the leather regularly.

This may be a very small task, but it can do wonders for the overall appearance of your car. Wiping your car with a soft microfiber towel doesn't damage it at all, but it keeps the surface clean and neat, giving a polished appearance even if you just wiped it. You can also avoid getting dirt and grime stuck in and around the stitches and edges of the seat.

Your leather seats can stay beautiful for longer if you know how to take proper care of it. And always remember, cleaning your car seats is the best technique to keep it in top condition. You will be thankful for the investment and also grow to love your stylish car seats.

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