Add Some Style to Your Car with These Different Types of Wheels!

chrome wheel

There are literally thousands of different makes and models of car wheels available on the market. This makes it so hard to choose one that suits your car the best. However, the good thing about this is that you've got numerous choices and you're free to change up your car's look any time you want to.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular wheel style finishes today.

1. The Machined Wheel
Machined wheels are finished by spinning them on a Computer Numeric Control lathe. This process gives the wheel a very smooth and bright metallic appearance, while also giving it some unique lines which look like the ones on a CD. Machined wheels are quite elegant to look at and they are also very modern.

2. The Ball Polished Wheel
The most traditional method of polishing wheels is by ball polishing which gives the finished product a strong metallic and smooth surface. The buff used for polishing the wheel becomes progressively soft, which adds a deep glow to the metal. Most ball polished wheels in the past were used as they were and had to be cleaned regularly using a wheel cleaner to avoid rusting. However, modern technology has allowed a new form of ball polished wheel to be developed, which leads us to...

3. The Clear Coated Wheel
A clear coated wheel is just like a traditional ball polished wheel, but instead of having a plain polished surface, it's given a coating of a clear substance that adds durability and protection over the metal. This reduces the need to clean the wheels and also keeps the new look for longer. Many older ball polished wheels can now be applied with clear coating to improve their appearance.

4. The Paint-coated Wheel
Today, clear coating isn't the only substance that can be applied on the ball polished wheel. Different colors of paint can now be used to add some more style and elegance to these car accessories. The most common colors include black and white.

5. The Chrome-plated Wheel
Chrome is somewhat similar to silver but it has a glossier finish which makes it more eye-catching. If you're one who likes shine and sleekness on your car, then chrome-plated wheels are perfect for you.

Having gorgeous wheels is both a privilege and a responsibility. Don't forget to use KevianClean Wheel Brush to remove the brake dust on your wheels and keep them shiny all the time!

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