Brake Safety Awareness

checking brakesWhenever people talk about car safety, the brakes are one of items on top of the list. Although the Brake Safety Awareness Month is celebrated during August of every year, it is still important that you carefully look into your car brakes regularly.

Having your brakes checked regularly will make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive anywhere you go. If you haven’t had your brakes checked in the past couple of months, today is the time to do it. Have a mechanic check them immediately to save you from unwanted accidents and problems on the road.

When Do You Need Your Brakes Checked?

The wear and tear of car brakes is normal. Eventually, these will really need to be replaced. For most mechanics and car experts, they prefer doing maintenance check-ups of brakes at least once every year. However, if the vehicle often used for long distance travels, then it is best to have the brakes checked every six months. A thorough inspection of the brakes should include the condition of the brake lining, brake fluid, hoses, as well as the brake dashboard warning lights. All these are the basic elements of your car's brake system.

Signs of Brake Problems

Do you notice your car pulling towards one side when you step on the brakes? Or do you notice an odd screeching sound whenever you step on them? You should not take these for granted. They are two of the warning signs that there might be something wrong with your brakes. The blinking brake warning light on the dashboard, low pedal, and even unusual vibrations are all signs of a problem in the brake system.

Why are Your Brakes Malfunctioning?

It's possible that some of your driving habits are causing the wear and tear of your brake system. Never put routine brake maintenance on hold. Prioritize it because it is one of the most important systems in your vehicle. Putting it on hold can put your life in great danger, or worse your entire family. Recognizing the signs and symbols of a possible brake problem will save you a lot of trouble both financially and mentally. Regularly maintained brakes will give you peace of mind and safety no matter where you go.







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