Can You Live Without a Car?

A lot of environment advocates persuade people to forget about cars and use bicycles or simply walk instead. Although you may think it's fairly realistic to live a car-free lifestyle, you need to ask yourself some questions first before you set aside your four-wheeled friend and get a two-wheeler or running shoes. What would happen if you gave up on using cars?

1. Travel time will multiply by ten. If you drove to work for about 30 minutes, expect that a bicycle ride will be around twice as long. If you're walking, it may take 3-5 times as long. This is perfectly fine if you're not that busy and you don't have any other responsibilities outside of work. But for someone who has many other plans, this much time spent on traveling is just too much.

2. You will be exhausted by the time you arrive at your destination. Bicycling isn't easy. It's very exhausting especially with all the pedaling and swerving. You also need to control your bike very well and this takes plenty of muscle action. If you cramp a lot, then riding the bike may not be a very good idea because you might end up injured.

3. Running is the only option for a faster trip. What do you do when you're in a hurry and all you have is a bike? Well, technically, you run on your bike. You pedal as fast as your human body possibly can. If you're on your feet, then you literally have to run! This won't be a good experience at all, despite the workout.

4. It will not do well for your performance. Sure, walking or biking is a great exercise, but if you're really running late or there's an emergency and you need to get to your destination immediately, having no car won't help at all. Once you arrive at work or wherever you're headed, you will be tired, sweaty, and probably annoyed and you won't have your A-Game ready.

Having a car is a great opportunity to save time and energy. Not only that, it also doubles as your second home. You can sleep, eat, and relax in it. However, you also need to understand your car's needs and keep it in top shape if you want it to last long. Always observe proper maintenance and of course, use KevianClean auto detailing products for a sleek and gorgeous ride!

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