3 Tips For Vehicle Lights During Winter Night Travels

quick wax on headlights

It’s winter time and it only means one thing: fewer hours of daylight and more weather related hazards. The fact that roads and streets you travel can be covered with rain, snow and ice is one of things that every driver should be wary of. And driving at night with those conditions should make you even more wary.

Before hitting the road, it’s a good idea to make sure that your car's exterior lights are working properly. You can only imagine how difficult it is to be on the road with a lot of snow and no light. It’s going to be a disaster waiting to happen.         

Here are three tips to help keep you safer when traveling during winter nights:

1.  Keep headlights, taillights and turn signals clean at all times. External dirt can dim these operational lights and it might cause others to not see your vehicle approaching. Use our Quick Wax to apply a protective layer to your lights so dirt won't built up and rain water will bead up and roll right off. Quick Wax will help to keep your lights shining their best.

2.  Make sure the headlights properly aligned and aimed correctly.  Headlights should not be pointed too far to the right or the left, or pointed too far up or down. Headlights that are not properly aligned can blind oncoming drivers, not to mention it can also cause you to not see the road clearly.

3.  Do not entertain any doubt of whether or not you need to turn on your headlights. We've all seen them on the road. People driving around in the dark without their lights on. When you see that happen, how many of you check your own headlights?  I know I do!  The purpose of your lights is not only to help you see through winter weather conditions, but for other vehicles to see you as well. When they know you are there, approaching, they will know how to manage their vehicle.

Your vehicle lights play a very critical role in your safety and of those riding in your vehicle, especially during the winter season at night. Your chances of an accident increases dramatically when you can barely see what’s on the road in front of you.

From where you are seated as a driver, you won’t always be able to tell if a light is out. Thus it is very important that you check the lights before you jump in and take off down the road. Make sure to replace any lights that are not working properly as soon as possible and stay safe out there this winter!

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