Planning a Holiday Road Trip? Read This First

Going on a holiday road trip is a great way to spend your free time, especially if you're spending quality time with your family. There are lots of places to visit and natural sights to enjoy while you're driving. However, to keep your trip as safe and enjoyable as possible, you should consider a few things before you get in your car.

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What to Watch out for during a Holiday Road Trip

The most important car concerns you should have on a long drive are:

  1. Gas. There are a lot of gas stations around, but you can never be too sure. It's best to ride a full tank and just worry about gas later on, rather than struggling to find a gas station in the middle of your trip.
  2. Tires. Check your tire pressure as well as the overall condition of your tires and wheels. Make sure your tires have optimal pressure, especially if you have passengers and lots of luggage..
  3. Directions. Map out your route before leaving your home. Don't depend on GPS or a map app on your smartphone. Knowing the directions yourself will prevent problems in case your electronics get discharged or your GPS system makes a mistake.
  4. Road. If you're going to pass through rough or slippery roads, you need to be prepared. This is also one reason why you should check your tires.
  5. Engine and battery. A tune-up isn't a bad idea, especially if you haven't done it this 2015 yet. As a rule of thumb, you should get a tune-up every six months, or annually if your car is new.

In-car Reminders for the Driver and Passengers

It's not just your car that needs to be conditioned before a trip. The driver as well as the passengers have to be ready for the entire ride. Here are some reminders for everyone inside the vehicle.

  • The driver should have enough sleep and energy before the actual trip to avoid sleepiness and fatigue which may possibly cause accidents.
  • During the winter season, everyone in the car should be wearing warm clothing and jackets to protect themselves from freezing, especially if children are coming along.
  • There should be a first aid kit inside the car at all times. Check the kit for missing items before you go on the trip. You should have bandages, painkillers, medicine for stomachache, disinfectant, a thermometer, and antibiotics.
  • Bring plenty of water and food if you are going on a long drive. Don't depend on drive-thru's or fast food joints because they may or may not be accessible depending on your route.

With these things in mind, you will surely have a safe and fun holiday road trip with your family!

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