Baby On Board: Tips for Keeping Baby Safe in the Car

safe for babyThe holidays are always busy with parties, meetings, family reunions, and all sorts of merriment. As a parent, bringing your kids to all of these events is a must, unless you have a reliable babysitter who can work during the holidays. If you're driving here and there with your little one this holiday season, here are some important reminders to keep your baby safe while riding in your car.

Secure Your Car Seat

Your baby needs to be in a car seat, as mandated by law. Make sure your car seat is safely strapped into place and the baby is comfortable in it. If you want to adjust it, do that before you leave the house. Never meddle with the car seat while you're driving because it might cause accidents.

Keep Your Interiors Clean

Babies are particularly sensitive to dust and dirt. If your interiors are not clean, your baby can get an asthma attack or allergic reaction. Make sure you clean your car seats, carpets, and dashboard before letting your baby in the vehicle. Cleaning your interiors should also be a habit you always practice.

Remove Any Hazardous Object in the Vehicle

Sharp objects scattered inside your car can be very dangerous, especially if the baby gets his or her hand on them. Pens, pencils, and similar objects should be kept out of baby's sight. You should also avoid putting many accessories inside the car because they might suffocate your infant. Small things that babies can swallow are potentially life-threatening. Keep them in a secure place like your glove compartment, or just remove them from your car if they aren't needed.

Keep Company

If possible, have someone with you in the car to at least keep an eye on the baby. Your older kids or partner can help, or perhaps have a carpool with your friends or relatives if you're going to the same event. If you don't have a human companion, a pet will also do. However, make sure your pet is also welcome at the event you're going to.

Bring Some Toys

To keep your baby distracted and avoid fussiness, bring his or her favorite doll or teething toy. If the trip is short, these toys should be enough to pacify the little one. If the drive will be longer than an hour, musical and light-up toys may be best to carry with you.

Keep your baby safe and happy inside your car by following these tips. Enjoy the holidays, but don't forget to keep your car clean!

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