5 Ways To Help Your Car AC in Summer

Whether you are in for a long drive or just go out for a little bit during the summertime, the first thing that you should be concerned about is the ventilation of your car. The heat levels of your car will be too high during the season and it is possible that you will not be able to feel your air-conditioning anymore.

So to help you with that, here are the following tips that you should consider in order to help your AC beat the heat during summer:

  • When you park your car, make sure that you are using you place reflective screens on your car to prevent the heat from penetrating the inside. It also helps in preserving the upholstery of your car. However, make sure that you do not settle for the cheap shades as it does not do anything for your car which ends up in wasting your money.
  • Using rain guards during the rainy season is very common. You install that tiny strip of acrylic or aluminum right on top of the car’s window to make some kind of awning to improve the cars ventilation while you are driving. During the summer, you can open up the window by 1 cm to keep the hot air from building up inside. You don’t have to worry about safety because it will stay hidden under the visor installed.
  • Once you immediately get in the car and start to drive after a long park under the heat, never turn the AC on right away, roll down the windows and let the air from the inside escape and just hit the blower mode. After some time, you could roll back the windows up and turn the AC on to enjoy cooler air. If you have enough time, you could open all doors before you take off just to get rid of all the heat.
  • Use an AC curtain since it is specifically made in order to provide help for the efficient performance of the AC.
  • Most importantly, before the start of the hottest season, conduct your maintenance checks and do what need to be done to your AC. Clean it, improve it, and have it serviced so that when you use it, you will be sure that it will be able to provide you with cooler air even if you are staying right under the sun.

Follow these tips and ensure a comfortable drive this season!

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