Why is Oil Change Necessary?

To ensure proper car maintenance, the oil should be checked and changed regularly. Since the engine of the vehicle is made up of moving parts, these parts need to be lubricated in order to avoid damage. If the owner fails to change the oil, it breaks out over time and could be contaminated with dust, dirt, and debris, making it unable to perform the job.

The following are the advantages of changing your engine oil regularly:

  1. Engine lubrication – The moving parts of an engine move at higher speed rates thus creating heat under the hood of the car. Without proper lubrication, the parts will wear down drastically and would mean additional cost for you.
  2. Maintain a cool engine – Heat is created by the parts that move rigorously in the car’s engine. Having enough clean and sufficient oil could prevent the application of too much friction which would lead to the avoidance of overheating.
  3. Get rid of wear particles – As time goes by, sludge appears which originates from oil breakouts. Now sludge is basically a type of dirt and dirt causes corrosion that decreases the life of the engine. Therefore, if you are able to clean it regularly, you will avoid the chances of having to change your engine too soon.
  4. Improvement in gas mileage – A car with poor engine lubrication could lead to massive fuel consumption. Even though the car itself isn’t supposed to consume as much, because of the inability of the owner to take care of it, it would use more fuel. This would mean additional expenses on your part.
  5. Promote longer vehicle life – When you take care of something, even though you know that it will be gone at some point in time, the chances of having it for a longer period is possible. When you take good care of your car’s components, you slow down the process of wear and tear.

If you perform your duties as the car owner, you surely with gain more than what you expect. You don’t need to do this every day but you need to make sure that maintenance is done at regular intervals. That is the only way for you to save your car.

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