4 Tips for Driving at Night

Nighttime driving is not an option for some motorists. Some people usually work on night shifts and are often required to drive in the dark. Others, in the meantime, avoid driving at night because it is more dangerous and inconvenient.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car fatalities often multiply by three times during night time as compared to driving in daylight. Although the population of drivers on the road during the evening is just one-fourth of the total, the death rate adds up to more than half it. It is a serious matter that we shouldn’t take lightly.

Here are some tips on how to improve your driving during nighttime:

  • Position your headlights correctly

Most motorists aren’t aware that their headlights are not aimed properly. Some are pointed downwards while others appear unbalanced. Check your headlights and make sure you aim it correctly.

Just make sure your lights are not blinding to other vehicles. Wash your headlights with the KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo to get rid of road grime on the surface. This will improve the lighting condition of your headlights so that you can see where you’re going more clearly.

  • Avoid staring at oncoming lights
Bright lights can interrupt your focus while driving. Since your eyes are accustomed to the dim environment inside your vehicle, there’s a tendency for your eyes to wander off to anything that is illuminated. Don’t get distracted and keep your attention on the road. Avoid looking at headlights of cars that are approaching you. If the car on your back has high beams, move the reflection away from your own eyes.
  • Clean your windshield
Keep your windshields clean and polished to avoid any residue or specks on the glass. You can actually polish the glass using a newspaper to eliminate any remnants. Avoid touching the glass because it can just add to the streaks on your windshield making it harder to see at night.
  • Clean and adjust your exterior mirrors
Since your mirror reflects the light from other vehicles, any dirt or particle left in it can cause your eyes to glare. The best way to maintain your lights is to clean and wipe it off regularly. Position it in an angle where you can see cars behind you while keeping their headlights away from your eyes. Don’t forget to switch your rear-view mirror to night mode or auto dim setting to prevent glare.

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