What your Engine Light Means

When you’re maintaining your car, it’s important that you know what your dashboard lights are telling you. If you see a blinking sign, make sure you stop your car and check it immediately to avoid experiencing any issues while you’re driving. Here are some signs you can familiarize yourself with and what they mean.

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  1. Check Engine Light
All new models are equipped with the OBD-II or On Board Diagnostics 2. This system connects to all sensors in your vehicle including the engine fuel, and emissions. Once the check engine light is blinking, it can mean different things.

    It may indicate that you need to check your gas cap in case you haven’t properly sealed your fuel system. If it isn’t the gas cap, check with your mechanic to give you a proper diagnosis.

    1. Service Engine Light
    Once this blinks on your dashboard, it is an indicator that you are scheduled to have a maintenance interval. This light will turn on as soon as you start the engine of your car and once you turn it off during your inspection. If it stays for about 10 seconds, it means you exceeded a service interval.
      1. Brake Warning Light
      This is intended to alert you that your braking system is faulty. This can be due to several reasons. It may indicate that your handbrake is on which will also give off a smell of burning brake dust. Another warning is that the fluid in the master cylinder is low.

        For ABS equipped vehicles, you may have a second brake warning light. It could be that there is a dirt in the sensor or it if the problem is more complicated, you may need to replace the entire ABS unit.

        1. Electrical Fault Light
        This indicator appears with an image of a battery. Once you start your engine and the light stays on, it means that your electrical charge is not functioning properly. Once you plug it in with a charger you can use it indefinitely while as soon as you remove it from the charger, provides a limited amount of time until it dies out.
          1. Coolant Warning Light
          If this turns on, it may mean that the coolant in your radiator is running low and needs topping up. Never open your radiator cap while the engine is still hot. Wait for your engine to cool down before you top up your system with a coolant.

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