4 Interior Vehicular Cleaning Essentials

If you don't know the first thing you should do when it comes to cleaning the inside of your car, then you've come across the right article. Here, you'll get to know the things you need to have and do in order to give your vehicle the first-class cleaning and cleansing treatment when push comes to shove. You'll first need a variety of sponges, towels, and devices like the vacuum cleaner in order to proceed.

Cleaning Materials and Tools

  • Vacuum Cleaner: A vacuum cleaner is a lifesaver when it comes to interior cleaning because it allows you to get rid of dust and particles within limited spaces, which is quite unlike a large broom and dust pan. You can use a smaller broom and dust pan as well, but it's still awkward. A handheld or long-tube vacuum cleaner is the way to go in order to clean out every nook and cranny of your car, including carpets and consoles. You can also use a steam-cleaning vacuum as well.
  • Chemical Cleaning Products: To clean vinyl, you need a vinyl cleaner. To clean leather upholstery, you need a leather cleaner and conditioner. For plastics and other parts of your car, something like the all-purpose KevianClean Interior Defense product should suffice. Such a cleaner can clean up carpeting, upholstery, plastic, vinyl, and leather. Take inventory of your vehicle's different surfaces and materials then assemble a tray of your favored bottles of cleaner.
  • Wiping and Polishing Materials: In order to really clean up your act and the insides of your car, you should have a wide assortment of rags and towels for serious detailing work. You can start with cotton rags and work your way up to lint-free towels for polishing and terry cloth towels for scrubbing. If you're worried about scratches when cleaning your car's interior to a find shine, then microfiber is the way to go. Make sure the cloths are cleaned up and free of residue.
  • Applicators and Brushes: When cleaning or agitating dust clumps from air vents and other places where a single pass from your vacuum isn't enough to clean them up, different-sized brushes are definitely a must. Depending on what cleaner you're using and which surface you wish to clean, you may need a rag, sponge, or brush that's either stiff-bristled or soft-bristled to avoid scratches. See instructions on the label of your cleaner to know which the proper applicator you should use is. This should make all the difference when push comes to shove.

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