Should You Wash Your Car with a Foam Gun?

Sometimes, it can get tedious to wash a car with a bucket of soapy water and a hose. This is especially true if you have an especially tall vehicle or you're too short to reach the roof of your car without the help of a stool.

Wouldn't it be nice to shoot soap unto your car with the same ease as shooting water at it with a hose? That's where the foam gun comes in. It's this option that allows you to soap up your car in mere minutes.

The Benefits of a Foam Gun Carwash

  • The Idea Behind the Foam Gun: A foam gun allows the motorist to pre-soak the vehicle in suds in order to start loosening grime and literally making oil and water mix through soap. It also lubricates the paint to protect it from getting scratches from dust particles. To tell you the truth, loads of people find using the foam gun to be fun. It's also satisfying to rinse that foam away when you're done.
  • Foam Guns That Work with Water Hoses: The most cost-efficient foam guns are the ones that deliver the soapy goodness to your vehicle using a plain old water or garden hose that's available in many a household. The best guns of this type also possess a tip capable of boosting water pressure significantly. When you pair this gun up with KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo, you'll get a bubbly match made in soap heaven.
  • Thick Suds Are The Way to Go: When it comes to choosing the right foam gun for you, the thicker the suds the better. The thick suds catch more dirt and debris, after all. To get the thickest suds possible, you need more mustard behind the soap delivery. The mounds of suds should provide ample lubrication for the dirt to go away and ample ability to make an oily surface easier to wash off with water.
  • You Also Have the Option to Use a Power Washer: Instead of an ordinary garden hose and water tap, you can use a power wash that's infused with wax. This should give the foam gun the ability to clean, shine, and protect your car in one step once you've rinsed off all that soapiness, bubbles, and suds. This then results in your car receiving much-needed protection, shine, and gloss when all is said and done with your carwash.

Other Things of Note

Use separate microfiber towels for rinsing and drying in order to get the best results out of your foam gun wash. There are few things as satisfying as rinsing off all the suds from your car after liberally applying them with your foam gun.

However, your carwash will end up ultimately as shallow as lip service if you don't lather and wipe the suds away prior to rinsing in order to truly remove every bit of dirt on your vehicle.

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