Don't Leave Your Car Interior Filthy!

You shouldn't leave your car's interior in filth. It's not enough to clean your dashboard from time to time by wiping KevianClean Interior Defense over it. You should instead develop good habits that ensure car interior cleanliness at all times.

For example, you should avoid waving knives, box cutters, or scissors around since they can puncture and rip apart your upholstery, which is expensive to replace, especially if it comes in one huge panel.

Furthermore, you should make it a habit to clear out your trash and other large items in advance before cleaning out your car interior by vacuuming and wiping it down with upholstery cleaner. It's the simplest part of the initial cleanup.

Disposable Material Removal and Other Interior Cleaning Tips

  • Big Trash Before Small Trash: Getting rid of big trash before moving on to small dust specks and microscopic dirt by vacuuming will make the whole cleanup process go faster. It's like sweeping your house first before mopping so that you won't end up muddying the floor with grainy particles that should instead be swept up by broom and dustpan. It also leaves your vehicle much tidier when push comes to shove even before vacuuming.
  • Grab that Garbage Bag: Streamline the trash removal of leftover Chinese takeout boxes, plastic spoons and forks, empty plastic water bottles, and wrapping paper by grabbing a garbage bag and using that to gather all your trash in one place. It's certainly more efficient than scrambling for individual plastic bags or paper bags. Then again, separate your trash by biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable.
  • An Opportunity to Rearrange Your Things: Cleaning out the garbage in your car is also the perfect opportunity for you to find better places for your belongings aside from your glove compartment. This is your chance to find any random knick-knacks you might have in your car that are better placed in your desk drawer, like batteries, change, maps, paperclips, screws, bolts, SD cards, phone chargers, or USB sticks.
  • Don't Eat in Your Car: Minimize your drive-thru takeout. Most of the messes that ruin the interior of your car can be traced back to eating at McDonald's or Taco Bell and neglecting to clean up after. If you wish to eat, then take the time to keep your food in their plastic bags so that it's easy to dispose them when you're done. You should also vacuum your vehicle regularly to suck up all those crumbs and food bits before you start attracting ants and various other bugs into your vehicle.

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