4 Signs Your Car Has Electrical Problems


Car innovation has made electrical car problems less of a nuisance nowadays. However, electrical problems in cars are harder to detect and diagnose than most mechanical car problems. As such, having one would spell a great damage to the overall functioning of our cars. The reason is that our car’s electrical system is composed of very important parts like the battery and its cables, the starter, the alternator and the car’s computer system (for newer models).

Electrical issues in cars have a complicated nature. Identifying the root of the problem could be hard on the car owner. Unlike brake damage that announces immediate repair with the creaking sound, electrical problems in cars are more silent and oftentimes goes undetected. To at least know some of the probable reasons on why electrical issues happen, here is a simple breakdown.

1. Car would not start. This is the most common sign of electrical problem in cars. If your car does not start immediately, chances are, there is a problem with the car battery, the starter or the alternator. Turn on the ignition and check if the interior lights flick. If the lights are not flicking and the car won’t start, the problem must be a dead battery. If the lights turn on and the car won’t start, the problem should be on the alternator. If you hear a clicking sound when you turn your key, the problem is on the starter.

2. Battery leaks and visible damage. Check your battery from time to time. Look for visible damages such as corrosion or stains. If you see such damages, it is a clear sign of a leaking battery. This means that the battery may be experiencing some problems or it might be needing replacement. Just be careful with corrosive damages since it could damage your skin.

3. Dimmed lights. When your dashboard lights are working but dims when driving at low speeds, there might be a problem with the alternator or voltage regulator. Another reason might be a weak battery. The battery will not be able to hold up enough charge for your dashboard lights once it is weakened causing the lights to be dimmer.

4. Brake lights do not work. If your car runs just smooth but your brake lights don’t work, there might be a problem on the fuse. Brake lights or radio problems are caused by a damaged fuse that needs immediate replacement.

These are just four of the many causes of electrical problems in cars. As have been said, electrical problems could go unnoticed. Still the best solution is to always check your car before and after use. Also, make sure that you have it tuned up regularly to know more about your car’s needs.  

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