5 Perfect Car Models for New Drivers

While we all aspire to have cars for convenience, that dream car at the back of our minds is still on point. New drivers (specifically teens) have high expectations when it comes to the first car they will handle. They think that just because they already have the basic driving skills, they could now drive any car they want, most especially their dream cars.

There are specific car models that match our driving skills. New drivers are not an exception. Car manufacturers have designed car models that are apt for new drivers exclusively. These models are adjusted to the capability of new drivers to drive and maneuver so that their safety is always insured. For new drivers out there, here are five perfect car models for you.

1. Honda Fit. This model is slightly smaller than the Civic. It is a practical choice for new drivers because of its magic seats. Typically, new drivers get overwhelmed with the freedom of driving their own cars. With these, they tend to hit the road along with their mates. The magic seats will allow the driver to squeeze in his friends. The other good news is, it is easy on fuel and the cost of ownership is lower. City driving using this model will give you 29 miles per gallon and 37 on highways.

2. Kia Soul. Aside from the fact that it really has a slick design, Kia Soul’s build quality is for the grabs. Be it manual or automatic, acceleration is smooth and relaxed at best so the new driver need not panic for sudden jolts. It is also greatly agile due to refined suspension and controlled body roll. Kia Soul performs best in long drives. Nonetheless, it could give you 30mpg on city driving.

3. Ford Fiesta. From its release, this model has been one of the best-selling cars in the country. It has smaller rear seats that will make the new driver take his time to do some cruising on his own. The Fiesta stars most in great performance and fuel economy. It has low carbon emissions which mean it has low running cost. It drives at 29 mpg and a top speed of 115 mph.

4. Toyota Yaris. This model is a smart move for new drivers since its small petrol engine sips off lesser fuel. This alone is a thumbs-up for the new driver since he will save money. It runs quietly and it has a very stylish interior. This hatchback model is also proven to deliver in corner swinging because of its good braking plus it is easier to maintain. Running costs are low with an 85.6 mpg and drives clean at 75g of carbon per kilometer.

5. Hyundai Elantra. The Elantra is not only new-driver conducive because of its roomy cabin and well-proportioned sheet metal but it is also cheaper given its top-notch manufacture. It has safety technology like automatic emergency braking and it keeps the car in the right lane. It also has low running costs with 32mpg city driving and 40mpg on the highway. By the way, it also heated rear seats.

Be it sedan or hatchback, these models are considered the best for new drivers. To sum it all up, the advantages any new driver could get from these car models are: optimum road performance, fuel save, low running cost and affordable. Let us not forget to add on the list that these models also have stylish interiors that will not make you look like an amateur.

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