DIY Emergency Tips: How to Replace Your Tires

Being stuck on the road because of a flat tire is one of the most dreadful scenarios any driver could experience. What makes it all the more unfortunate is not getting immediate assistance from someone who is an expert in changing tires. Plus, it is quite a hassle to ask people for help since you know that they too have errands of their own.

The good news is, changing tires is not that tiresome. As a matter of fact, you can do it on your own provided you give a little time and effort to do so. In that case, here are some DIY emergency tips in replacing your tires.

1. Find a flat and safe place to change your tire. Avoid soft ground in parking your car for tire change. You must find a flat surface to prevent your car from rolling. If you happen to be on a road, park far from the traffic in the safe side of the road. Do not forget to put your car in parking mode and activate your hazard lights on.

2.  Take your jack and spare tire out. After putting a heavy object beneath the tire to rest on, take out your spare tire. Make sure that the jack is fit on the proper place. Most cars have protective plastics along the bottom. This might break if you start lifting your jack so make sure you hit the right spot. Generally, the jack notch is in front or behind the front wheel wells. For trucks, it must be behind the front tire or in front of the rear tire.

3. Raise the jack until it supports the car. Make sure that the jack is not lifting your car. It should be firmly in on the jack notch and against the underside of the car. The jack should always be positioned perpendicular to the ground.

4. Loosen the nuts. Remove the cap and loosen the nuts by moving it counterclockwise. Just break the resistance. Do not take them all off. Make sure that the wheel is intact on the ground so that you can be sure that you’re loosening the nuts and not the wheel.

5. Crank the jack to lift the tire. To finally replace the tire, you have to the damaged tire high enough to remove it. Always check the stability of the car. Reposition the jack if you feel it leaning or at a precarious angle.

6. Remove the nuts then the tire. Remove the nuts all the way. Loosen them counterclockwise until they fall off. Remove the tire and put the jack in flat base to avoid any injuries.

7. Put the spare tire in the hub. Align the rim of the new tire with the bolts of the wheel then carefully put on the nuts. Make sure that you put the new tire in the correct manner and not backwards.

8. Tighten the nuts. Using a wrench, tighten the nuts with the right amount of force one at a time to ensure tire balance. Tighten the lug nuts once the wheel is on the ground to prevent them from falling. After which, safely lower the car to the ground and carefully remove the jack. Then, put your old tire in the compartment.

Replacing your tire is not that hard. You just need to exert some effort and a great know-how of your car manual to make sure that you’re sticking the right emergency equipment to where it should fit. Going DIY with car emergencies will not only save you money but will also prepare you in extending help should there be fellow car owners who shall experience the same problem.

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