4 Ways to Achieve Eco-Friendly Car Washing


Environmentalists often hold a feat with the gas emissions of cars jammed in the streets. More negative flicks are thrown to car owners for the extravagant use of basic resources like water for car washing.

Because of this, being a car owner might sometimes put you in a position of guilt since every time you drive, you could think of how much gas emission you are contributing and the amount of water you would soon be wasting for car wash.

This should not be a problem since there are already existing eco-friendly car washing tips. This means that you could now wash your car to no avail without feeling guilty of harming the environment.

1. Start parking off the pavement. If you do not have plans of changing your driving routines at the moment, then at least change the way you park. To avoid natural microbes like grass, soil stain and dirt, have your car parked on flat surfaces. This will allow your car washing residues to not clog the nearest drain.

2. Create your own DIY car washing routine. Instead of subjecting your car to regular washing in professional car wash shops, you will help the environment more by doing it yourself. Car washing and detailing is not that hard to do as long as you have the best car washing supplies in your shelf. This includes car shampoo and leather conditioner with the proper pH level. Your DIY car washing kit must also include microfiber towels for better drying. You shall save money and water with the microfiber towels since they are super absorbent and they do not leave water blotches in your car glass.

3. Use eco-friendly car wax. Innovative car washing technology has made possible the emergence of eco-friendly car wax. This product does not mean that it has been made out of all-natural ingredients. It only emphasizes that you have to use a car wax that does not use corrosive materials and harmful chemicals like petroleum solvents, among others.

4. List up a good leather conditioner for your upholstery. Like in choosing an eco-friendly car wax, a good leather conditioner must also contain the right labels and the right pH level. High pH levels means that more acids and corrosive ingredients were used in the product. This will compromise the car sealant and coating of your car.

Being eco-friendly is not that hard to do too. These tips have been here all the time and they only need a serious tap anytime. Doing this car washing tips will give another label to your identity as a driver: an environmentally guilt-free one.

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