4 Summer Car Care Tips

Days are easily winding and summer is now just around the corner. Our cars get more worked up in the summer compared to any of the seasons. It is a time when outdoor fun is the craze and long drives are the cool thing to do. With a scorching weather ready to blast off, our cars need some extra care too. Aside from maintaining your car interior, engines, brakes and fluids during the summer, your car exterior must be given primary concern too.

Direct exposure to the sun at a prolonged rate causes a lot of damage in our car exterior. Some of these would be chipping of paint and wearing off of wax. To avoid these, here are four summer car care tips that you should start preparing for.

1. It’s time to bring out your car cover. While car covers are really a must at any season, you’ll need it more during summer. At this rate, you have to use a specific car cover variant. You’ll have to use a reflective sunshade to protect your car from excessive sun exposure. Moreover, you should also use quality vinyl or a leather protector for your seats and dashboard to avoid discoloration.

2. Consider car tinting. There are a lot of car tinting techniques available. During the summer, make sure the kind of tint that directly offsets UV rays. Ultraviolet rays are harsher during the summer and being exposed under it harms both the exterior and interior of cars. Nonetheless, when deciding to have your car tinted, make sure that you adhere to your local laws.

3. Top off car coolant. The temperature inside the car can rise to over 50 degrees Celsius in less than 10 minutes. You do not want to give your passengers a sudden sauna ride so you better top off your car coolant. Slowly open the cap of your coolant tank. Make sure that you do it carefully because the pressure inside the coolant car might be high. After opening it up, give your car at least one hour to cool down.

4. Give your cash a regular wash. Risks for dirt and grime are higher during summer. Everybody seems to be on the road and the dry texture of the road might cause stone particles to chip and hit your car. With these, you have to give your car a regular wash remove any stains and grime. Make sure that you have a vast supply of good car wash shampoos and leather conditioners on hand. Also see to it that your microfiber towels are clean and well-dried.

Do not take your car for granted when seasons change. In fact, more intensive car should be given to our cars since different seasons pose up different challenges.

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