6 Car Care Tips for Warm Spring Weather

Spring is here and it’s the story of more than just flowers, birds and trees. It is time to commend our cars for a job well done in surviving the harsh winter. As a proof of gratitude for a good performance, it’s time for maintenance overhaul.

Taking that spring cleanup will help you uncover undetected damage during the winter. These small details need the keen eyes of auto experts to pinpoint the specific problem. Salt rocks and other particles might have embedded in the wheel holes and there may have been scratches along the body so it is best to pump up your car for a different set of environmental elements in the spring.

As such, here are six car care tips for spring.

1. Replace plugs, batteries and wires if necessary. These car parts take the heaviest load during winter. They are essentially what spark your car. This trio’s performance is weakened by 60% because of excessive work in the long haul of winter. Since weakening is quite normal after winter, have them checked and replace them if necessary especially when they are already three years old and above.

2. Test tire pressure. Extreme cold can reduce tire pressure. In this case, you have to make sure that all tires, including your spare set, are properly inflated. Roads during spring are extra slippery because of ice melting so you have to align your car pressure to road texture.

3. Brakes. It is necessary to inspect the brake system right after the start of spring. Make sure that brake lines, hoses, brake fluid and parking brake are in proper levels. It is important for you to check this because any brake pad change could threaten your spring safety. To get your brakes out of sluggishness, apply brake fluid flush.

4. Check your fluids. Your fluids must not go unchecked. Re-supply your car fluids such as transmission fluid, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and even your windshield flusher.

5. Clean your interiors. It is that time of the year to declutter your car interior. Unload those excessive baggages to get extra mileage. Cold weathers may have caused you to hibernate on interior cleaning too so do it immediately. Check your upholstery for stains and take them off.

6. Clean the exteriors too. It is also the best time for re-waxing your car and putting that gloss on. Have your car washed and detailed right after winter.

Toughen up your car this spring by familiarizing yourself with these car care tips. Changes in seasons spell specific car measures for your advantage. As you gear up, make sure that you have your auto experts with you.

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