What Ruins Your Car Paint? Here are 4 Common Causes


Car painting is one of the most important processes in car maintenance. Taking care of your car paint is not only due to the fact that having a polished one will enhance your car’s resale value. Our car’s paint is the ultimate defense line between the car’s sheet metal and the harmful elements that can cause car peeling and denting.

The causes of car peeling are as common as you think it is. Most of the time, we tend to overlook how trivial elements from our routine life could actually be harmful for our car paints. Knowing the probable causes of car peeling is imperative in proper car handling and maintenance. To elucidate this further, here are the most common causes of car peeling. 

1. Ash. Although ashes aren’t a bit common, once it’s around the block, it could really cause some trouble. When wet, ashes form alkali bases that could definitely ruin your car’s finish. Alkali is a corrosive material because it is very acidic. Even a small ash covering in the car hood could be abrasive since ashes have a pH level of more than 7. To prevent this to happen, put on your car cover. The moment you see some ash, wipe it off with your car duster.

2. Spilled gasoline. Sometimes, filling up the gas could be a source of car paint problem. Gas leaking from the gas pump could be inevitable. If no intervention is applied immediately, the gas stain will most likely be impossible to be taken off. Topping it off will dent your car so do not force it. Check your gas pump for any possible leak, immediately grab a bottle of car detailer and wipe the gas stain using microfiber towels.

3. Coffee. More than ever, coffee and other beverages are a normal part of our driving life. Coffee, soda and most drinks are acidic. Any acid can etch our car’s clear coat. Not washing it off can give more time for further damage. Letting it dry will only make it harder to get off later because of sugar residue. The solution for this is to wash off the stain immediately with a car detailer and microfiber towel.

4. Bird droppings and bugs. Bird poop and bugs are equally acidic. More than that, other car-etching elements like seeds and bits of gravel from birds and bugs can fuse in. These can be harmful friction from these elements could scratch your car. Tar remover and car detailer could help a bit. But if you want guaranteed solution, you need to have a car wash immediately.

These are only four of the most common causes of car paint peeling. There are whole lots more but you can narrow everything down to one fact: acid is the common denominator for all of these causes. With your car paint on the line, perhaps it is the best time to discover the best car detailer for you, get a microfiber towel and you’re good to go.


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