3 Ways to Take Care of Your Detailing Towels

The use of microfiber towels continue to gain market presence especially in car washing. It has gained much fame and utility value because of its multipurpose efficiency. Microfiber towels are perfect for interior and exterior car detailing.

Specifically, it is used in spray waxing, wax and polish removal, dashboard protectant and in applying leather cleaner. With its soft fibers, car dirt is removed to the core without denting your car coating. It is also a good absorbent, making sure that no water glitches will remain after car drying.

Auto shops affirm that detailing towels do not only impact car washing as a process but also in terms of economic value. In fact, figures would present that microfiber towels account for 40% of total car kit sales. Since detailing towels have gained this indispensable status, like our cars, there are also ways in how we could take care of them.

Protective Measures

1. Delicate washing before and after use.  Microfiber towels must be washed before use. Manufacturers use a detailing finish in towels that could be harmful for the car polish. This finish is used to maintain microfiber tightness and it might be abrasive when stuck. Washing before use reduces this abrasive finishing.

It is also important to have it washed because anything that can stick with microfibers. To prevent dirt from constantly sticking with the towels, you should either use detergent or ammonia to suspend the dirt from attaching to the towels.

2. Know what makes safe drying. Microfiber drying is very specific. Taking care of it means that it should be washed and dried in a dryer before being used. It should be dried specifically in low heat (preferably air dried) for it to not easily sag. You must remember that its polyester component has a low melting point and cannot handle too much heat. This is an important pointer to know because once the polyester melts, the damage will be irreversible.

3. Color code if necessary. If you are using microfiber towels in all car washing activities, then it might be necessary for you to color code. To avoid exchange and dirt cycle, you have to organize your microfiber towels to maintain its longevity. Plus, you also need this mechanism since length, weight and thickness must be taken into consideration for specific areas.

If you really want to achieve prime longevity to your microfiber towels, then you should put these in mind. Detailing towels are not gaining fame for nothing. They are not like ordinary towels, hence, we should also carry out specific measures.  

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