Keeping the Class in your Car: 3 Car Leather Protection Tips

Clean car upholstery equates to class and reflects a protective owner. You add sophistication to your passenger’s car experience if you keep your leathers clean. No one would like to seat on ripped car seat covers nor be enticed to enjoy a drive-by with peeling leathers messing your car up.

To avoid further embarrassment brought about by unclean leather seats to begin with, you need to know the protective measures you could master. A good driver who loves his car knows how to protect it just right. In this case, start with your car’s leathers.

There’s no need to fuss though because these tips are just smooth and easy. Here are three car leather protection tips that you could use in handy.

1. Vacuum is essential, whether you like it or not.

Some dirt when solidifies could stain your leathers permanently. Scratching them out is not a good idea. To protect your leathers, you have to vacuum your car regularly. Do not let loose dirt accumulate in your car seats or anywhere in your car.

Use vacuum attachment with soft bristles so you can get down to the root of dirt. Leathers are susceptible to dirt and this dirt easily manifest on it so you better vacuum them down.

2.  Always use gentle leather cleaner.

Like all types of cleaning, the first step is to moisten the dirt through water. By using a damp towel, condition your leather seats with professional-grade leather cleaner. Leather cleaners are good maintenance investments so never settle for the cheap ones and always check its components.

Look for green lights on harsh components like petroleum solvents, silicon oils or glossing agents. If you detect one, that’s not a good leather cleaner to use. They may maintain corrosive materials that will compromise the leather’s color and the leather itself causing peeling.

3. Condition your leathers like how you condition your hair.

Basically, you have first to choose a top of the line leather conditioner and applicator. Choosing a high quality leather conditioner invokes being keen to details. A good leather conditioner always has the standard pH balance of seven and it should always be water-based.

If you think you are economizing by buying the cheapest leather conditioner on the self, then you are mistaken. Might as well consider financing for an entirely new set of leather seats if you think that cheaper is better.

Our car leathers are the heart of car upholstery aesthetics. They are not only utilitarian keeping the whole ride smooth but they are also a good determiner of a car with good condition and are getting the proper care.

Remember that cleaning your car leathers should not just depend on the amount of dirt and dust it has but you must clean them at a regular basis to keep your car classy.

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