Guarding the Gloss: 3 Benefits of Quick Wax


Traditional wax is time consuming and takes a lot of work. True to what the name promises, Kevian Clean Quick Wax offers high gloss shine. At a general scale, waxing your car promotes a lot of benefits, mainly in terms of car protection. Car waxing first and foremost protect car against scratches and dents. Because of this, the car’s paint and finish is then highly protected.


With modern synthetic formulation from advanced car cleaning technology, time is no longer an issue in car waxing. Aside from the aforementioned general benefits of car wax, here are five specific benefits a car owner could get out of choosing Quick Wax, one of the by-products of an efficient car cleaning technology.

  • Restores deep shine. Contaminants from the environment could be harsh on car paints. Through a carnauba-enriched formula, Quick Wax prevents abrasive contaminants from preening into your paint. In restoring deep shine, Quick Wax also hauls UV rays from chipping your car paint, repels road dirt and grime and maintains your car’s deep gloss and shine.

  • Gives you faster washing time. Instead of going through tedious water hosing, shampooing, rinsing and then drying, Quick Wax allows you to wash your car in two easy steps: dampen car body then wax. Quick Wax works on an easy on and off application. A layer of Quick Wax prevents dirt from sticking to the paint because it makes the car’s surface glossier making the dirt just slide off. Apply a generous amount of Quick Wax using a wax pad and let it dry to a haze. After which, wipe it with microfiber towel and you’re good to go; spotless and shiny.

  • Breathable wax and no discoloration. Do not worry of diebacks because Quick Wax is equipped with a breathable film which allows harmful solvents to escape the car surface. It also guarantees non-discoloration of paint coating and finish because it is non-abrasive. Plus, by using Quick Wax, your car surface could also be as fragrant as your interior since it has a mild natural fragrance.

These are only some of the benefits you could profit from using Quick Wax. Make car waxing more convenient and fun. By using Quick Wax, you can have the luxury of your time to no avail and you can maintain the shine of your car in the best way possible. Choose KevianClean Quick Wax now and guard your car’s gloss at last.

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