All about that Shine: Are You Using the Best Leather Conditioner?

Car upholstery is dependent on good leather cleaners and conditioners. Dust easily accumulates and dirt is always on the corner whether you drive your car or not. Testing leather conditioners are essential in maintaining the shine and gloss of car seat covers.

There are a lot of leather conditioners available in the market but like all other products, not all of them could be trusted.  Choosing well when it comes to leather conditioners will prevent corrosive components from damaging your car leathers, ensuring that your car interior aesthetics and upholstery are generally in good condition.

With all of these car directives, it is then fitting for every car owner to know if he landed on a good leather conditioner.

It should be able to replace your leather’s natural oils.

Remember that freshly manufactured leather covers are infused with natural oils to maintain the tightness of its microfibers and contributes to the natural moist and gloss of your leather. As your leather covers get constantly exposed to contaminants, mainly dirt and direct exposure to the sun, these natural oils evaporate.

You must then choose a leather conditioner that will replace these natural oils. Do not choose leather conditioners with beeswax, petroleum and silicone components because they actually corrode the natural oils instead of replacing them.

Know if your leather conditioner passed leather testing standards.

There is a standardized testing initiated by the independent leather testing authorities used by tanneries to ensure that your leather conditioner is safe for your car’s upholstery. Before buying a leather conditioner, make sure that it is composed of the same oils originally used in its manufacture and look for the approved seal indicating that it has undergone the standard leather testing. If you are not sure about the product, it is best that you consult your trusted mechanic or auto shop for this.

Choose the one with a neutral pH level.

A perfect balance between water and conditioning elements establish the right and neutral pH level. Do not get overwhelmed with big words and technical words you cannot even pronounce. Focus on which ones are too acidic and eliminated them out. Look for indicators natural oil contents and start it with finding the pH level. A neutral pH level usually ranges from 5-7 so see to it that you choose only those that fits the threshold.

At the end of the day, it is all about that shine. While attaining that leather shine, you are also projecting sturdy upholstery beneath and under.

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