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How to Clean your Alloy Wheels: 4 Easy Steps

Alloy wheels are the most common types of car wheels manufactured today. Thus, if there is a car part directly affected by the unpredictability of the road, it would be our wheels.

Of course you might say that’s not right because it would actually be the tires. But at the end of the day, who holds the tires, right? As much as the tire needs grip and pressure, to ensure this we also need to have dust-free wheels.

Our wheel’s greatest enemy would be the harmful elements we meet in the road like brake dust which is made corrosive due to intense heat and friction, road salts, stones and tar. With these, here are five easy steps that you must put into mind.

1. Moisten dirt and brake dust. Using a hose nozzle, rinse wheels to remove loose dirt and brake dusts. The steam of water will moisten the dirt, making it easier to be wiped off.

2. Use trusted alloy cleaners. Spray your alloy cleaner at one wheel at a time. Make time in choosing non-acidic alloy cleaners to protect your wheel’s finish. Do not easily be tempted with cleaners indicating balanced pH levels. In terms of alloy cleaners, there’s no prescribed pH balance at all. Therefore, non-acidic cleaners are always the safest choice.

3. Bring in the brush. Only choose soft bristled brush in agitating the wheel. Choose flexible soft bristled brushes that could fit both narrow and wide wheel spaces with sturdy handle. This must also be used in wheel fenders but longer ones. Soft bristles loosen grime and dirt without scratching the wheel’s finish. Do not also forget to use a lug nut brush to clean the lug nuts and holes. Always brush in a wet surface. This will provide brush lubrication to avoid scratching.

4. Rinse and dry. Rinse the wheel well including lug nuts and spokes. To avoid water spots from emerging, use microfiber towels. These types of towels are good water absorbents making your wheels spotless after cleaning.

Contaminants stick to the wheels fast and slick. Frequent cleaning is the only way to make your wheels safe. Always give primary concern to the finish of your wheels. Treat it with much consideration as you treat your car body’s finish with utmost concern. Use safe wheel cleaners by choosing the non-abrasive ones. Keep your wheels clean and drive with class and ease.