Mastering the Art of Car Washing: 4 Tips for the Good Car Owner

Car washing is a standard hygiene and maintenance activity for every vehicle. Like in human relationships, car washing equates to any typical date. It is in car washing that you get to know more about your car’s needs. You will also get to see unnoticed marks or dents, test tire pressure, brake alignment and all other car needs.

Mastery on car washing significantly assures better performance from your car apart from of course, making it look classy as you hit the road. Thus, every car owner must get a good hold on how car washing must be done. With this necessity, here are four tips that every car owner must consider in every car washing.

1. Know when your car needs washing.

Thorough car washing need not be done every day. Once a week will do but make sure that your car body looks clean everyday by gently rubbing microfiber towels, wet by a small amount of water and car shampoo. Do not wait until dirt molds in your car exterior before washing it.

Bird droppings, tree saps and dead insects might solidify in your wipers, hood or trunk and chemicals from the atmosphere (acid rain) might strip away your car wax and compromise your car paint. These might leave a mark that can permanently smear your car paint.

2. Use the right car wash products.

Never use household cleaning products like lacquer, hand soap, detergent or glass cleaner because these are not made for cars, stripping off the car’s wax and eventually the car paint. Instead, use reputable car wash products which are milder. Use it with microfiber mitts.

For bugs and dropping deposits, use bug and tar removers. Use nonabrasive cloths for this type of dirt. For the tires, use a separate sponge or cloth. Make sure that the car shampoo you use for your car body is compatible with your car finish (clear coat, paint, chrome, etc.).

3. Follow the general rules in car washing.

Do not wash your car after long exposures to sunlight due to parking, or immediately after a long drive. Heat dries up car shampoo and water fast which increases the chance of deposits forming in your car exteriors.

Also, never clean with sponge using a circular manner. You should always clean your car using sponge in a lengthwise manner to avoid swirl marks. Rinse all parts first with water thoroughly.

Start from the car top with a hose nozzle to avoid pooling of water. Use trusted car shampoos and microfiber towels and concentrate on one area before moving your way around the other parts of your car.

4. Take car drying seriously.

When left unattended after washing, water marks might blot in the car exterior. In drying, use nonabrasive towels to avoid hairline scratches along the car paint. If you choose towels on the other hand, you may have to need a lot. Right after washing, you might have to use rubber squeegees to eliminate the remaining water in the car body before using microfiber towels.

Your car needs a lot of maintenance and you should be sensitive enough with your car needs. Search for appropriate car washing tools for the specific needs of your car. Remember, car washing means intimately knowing the needs of your car so make it a habit and do it well. 

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