Saving Fuel, Driving Green: 4 Gas Mileage Tips

Aside from maintaining class, every car owner must also get better fuel economy. Not only does fuel economy contribute to more financial saving, but it will also be beneficial in lessening carbon emission from your cars, thus, promoting green economizing.

Improving gas mileage does not mean that you just plunge in for a speedy drive. Gas mileage also means that you need to monitor your average speed and how slow or fast car motions could disadvantage the overall efficiency of the car.

All of these and more wrap up what we call as green driving. This means that you get to drive in your own speed niche but at the same time, you are contributing in lessening pollution. With these, here are four basic mileage tips you could practice to save fuel while driving green.

1. Maintain your car’s motors.

A healthy motor line in your car does not only improve car efficiency but also pushes for safe driving, car longevity and of course saving fuel. According to standard car maintenance, regular car tuning in, involving proper tire inflation and using the correct oil, can improve gas mileage to up to 9%.

2. It does not hurt to lose some weight.

Our cars are oftentimes the extension of our homes most especially for bachelors/bachelorettes. It is in our cars where we keep important documents, extra clothes and stock food for long drives. Having unnecessary weight in your car actually wastes fuel specifically during acceleration.

Ditching at least 50 kilograms of this unnecessary weight will improve gas mileage to up to 3%. As a matter of fact, lighter driving can impact very well on how you save fuel especially in city driving.

3. Know your peak speed.

Normally, driving speed peaks at 50-55mph. However, it varies subjectively basing on your car weight, engine and gearing as well as the driver’s speed niche. According to recent gas mileage researches, an additional 10mph to your peak speed reduces gas mileage up to 14%. Not only are you forcing your car components to be dragged but you are also wasting a lot of fuel that you could have saved up for future use. It does not hurt to drive at 55!

4. Get easy on the A/C.

While air conditioning is very important especially on long summer drives, car owners must get easy on it. Though it helps in ventilation and comfort, it adds to the motor load especially that there are other car gadgets at use that takes up fuel. Getting easy on A/C improves car mileage for up to 10% and adds 30% to car longevity. After all, you could appreciate long drives more with open airs.

It is not enough that your cars only look classy. It is also important that you take care of it using the most basic procedures possible. Saving fuel is oftentimes overlooked, but through these gas mileage tips, you could surely hit two birds with one stone: save fuel, improve gas mileage, contribute to green economizing. 

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