3 Advantages of Using Microfiber Towels

The microfiber technology has become a buzzword in cleaning and hygiene industry whether in the parlor shop or utility departments of malls. As it takes cleaning into another level, microfiber towels are very commendable because of their advantage in water absorption attributed with their high loom quality making microfiber particles more cohesive, soft in surface, durable and easier to wash.

These characteristics are the very same specifications which made microfiber towels more imperative in car washing. Car drying is as essential as the process of car washing itself because improper drying might leave fixed blots in the car body. To implore on this car essential, here are five specific advantages that a car owner will get from microfiber towel use.

  1. High Water Absorption Ability and Easy to Clean. Because of the looming quality of microfiber towels, its thread are more intact and the pores more tight. Through these, microfiber towels offer high water absorption ability. This makes a good drying scheme to car washing since it will save the car owner more time to concentrate on the other needs of the car and to speed up car washing and drying at the same time. The car owner shall also save more cloth to clean up since microfiber towels are easier to wash and dry. Sometimes, it only needs a little amount of water rinsing and detergent. Through its high water absorption ability, it will also ensure that no dry marks shall be left on the car exterior.
  2. No Color Fading or Shedding. Microfiber towels undergo rigid microfiber technology to inhibit fast discoloration. With this manufacturing technology, dye regression will be avoided. Oftentimes, ordinary towels experience discoloration because of long exposure to car solvents. Because of this, car drying becomes stressful because drying becomes not that neat. Discoloration also weakens the towel fibers hence, making them more prone in picking up particles from dirty surfaces. Microfiber towels do not also shed easily. Microfiber (made of strong polyester), is almost unbreakable through warp knitting technology. These make microfiber towels efficient in cleaning car windows, car paint and wheel wells.
  3. Decontamination Ability. Our cars are often exposed to contaminated or hazardous substances and chemicals. Solidified chemicals might taint our car paints and peel them off eventually. To help in decontaminating and de-greasing of these hazardous chemicals, microfiber towels must be used. Due to its special transverse surface, microfiber towels can effectively wipe off even the smallest dust and dirt particles in our cars, making it efficient for better car washing and drying.

Given these specific advantages of using microfiber towels, it is best for car owners to exhaust the technology infused in these products to experience a more promising deal between car cleaning cloths and car washing.

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